April 12, 2021

Set Solar has a dedicated team of field technicians and technicians who will actively ensure the quality and performance of a solar project with efficient maintenance. In general, this involves signing maintenance contracts – but make sure you adapt the agreement to your specific goals and requirements. The event in London describes standardization as a chance to allow higher standards and lower costs, two pillars in the solar photovoltaic industry. According to Douglas, SolarPower Europe last year updated the O-M Best Practice Guides, of which “contracts were clearly an important part, but only a part of them. The guidelines cover everything from health and safety, power plant operations, management systems, data, spare parts, etc. But it was clear that contracts were an important element between the owners, the asset manager and the supplier D-M. According to GreenTech Media, the five main objectives of Solar O-M are one of the most important – and most neglected – elements of a solar installation is a solar operating and maintenance contract. Providing solar energy to our maintenance team on average, regular solar table cleaning will increase annual solar energy production by 5-10% in climate zones with a dry season. Solar modules usually require very little maintenance to operate.

The only thing they need is regular light cleaning to ensure that dirt, leaves and other debris do not interfere with the sun`s rays. SolarPower Europe O-M Best Practice Guides are a manual, a set of definitions, minimum requirements, best practices and recommendations that companies can use to implement and streamline organizational activities to a defined standard. Die sieben Vertragsvorlagen von SESI bieten ein Mittel zur Rationalisierung des rechtlichen Aspekts der Solarentwicklung und des Solarbetriebs. The first step is to create processes and documentation for the entire system and for key elements of the system. A strong O-M agreement must address some key areas: site visits: the maintenance company should be on site to inspect your facility and analyse whether it produces the promised performance. Version 2.0 of the best practice guidelines will be published at the event in December. Mr Papaeconomou explained the updates the sector should be waiting for: “There have been significant changes that will be announced in London in December. In addition to the development of the existing document and the collection of all feedback over the past few months, we have focused on health and safety. We have included a technical asset management section. The reason we have done this is that, in some regions, O-M is seen as technical asset management and in others as a simple maintenance.

We now cover both the maintenance company and the management of technical assets in a document. The work of countless solar energy professionals and their organisations across the solar value-added chain will meet at the O-M and Asset Management conference on 7 December in London.