September 9, 2021

It is also common in the restaurant industry for chefs to follow opportunities outside of their current role to refine their craft, develop their personal brand and expand into new profitable business projects. A cook who chooses to develop his personal brand outside the four walls of your restaurant may be the originator of a contract. In the case of a restaurant contract, the employer is the restaurant and the worker is someone who works at the restaurant. Discuss the search, criteria, and how much you can compensate your first general manager with renowned restaurant advisor Bill Marvin, the “Restaurant Doctor.” A successful transition will liberate. BUT, contracts are becoming even more important in a high-turnover sector like catering, because employees come and go more often. Since well-established chefs and bartenders have the opportunity to draw crowds, you should consider including provisions in your employment contract that allow you to use the name and image of your cook or bartender in advertisements and promotions for your restaurant, as long as the cook or bartender stays at your restaurant. . . .