September 25, 2021

Seven rules for the correct pronoun precursor are listed in the lesson, along with examples for each rule. Students are encouraged to demonstrate understanding by going around correct pronouns and identifying their precursors in certain sentences, correctly using the given pronouns and identifying their precursors and writing pronouns for certain precursors. In our Pronomen-Antecedent-Convention program, students learn the basics of pronoun-precursor agreement. Students practice identifying the right pronoun based on the seven concordance rules they learn in this lesson. Students can smile at the apparent simplicity of this lesson. They will stop smiling when they recognize how many pronoun-precursor errors contain in their own handwriting. The teacher will teach the whole class in groups and explain that a precursor is the noun or pronoun that another pronoun represents and refers to. Transparency #1 Make YouTube one of your teaching tools – Works perfectly with micro-course programs Billy and Jose went to Billy and Jose`s favorite store to eat Billy and Jose because Billy and Jose were hungry. Learn how to use pronouns and precursors to avoid such stupid phrases! Needless to say, I was rather warmed by the positive news.

I don`t remember the student. I even searched the Internet for a basketball player with that name. In short, here is the lesson of the pronoun-precursor agreement that changed the life of this young man. Accommodation for the learning handicapped: pupils work in small groups and help each other in the task of the class.