October 8, 2021

Singapore`s financial institutions are free to grant loans in Singapore dollars to residents and non-resident residents for use in Singapore and to invest in Singaporean financial markets and dollars. Foreign and local investors can make asset swaps. Singapore has a free currency and a developed foreign exchange market. Investors can hedge foreign exchange risks with money options, futures and other instruments denominated in Singapore dollars. See the SGS Repo Code of Best Practices (25.4 KB). Investors can hedge their interest rates through Singapore`s interest rate swap, interest rate futures and bond futures. Learn about the SGS market, money market, repo and swap market, including trade size, trading times and settlement data. Discover the institutions to finance and secure investments. Find out more about THE SGS market rules and practices (277.4 KB). MAS has taken over the PSA/ISMA Global Master Repurchase Agreement as standard legal documentation for the SGS-Repo market.

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