thailand stm Every year the church sends out a number of short-term mission teams out around the world, typically in the summer months. If you are interested in participating in a short term missions project, please contact us for more information.




Our main English speaking fellowship meets on Fridays at 7:15pm in the church basement. Please see our schedule here: http://www.svpgmbc.org/news-events/#events.  It is a group ranging from high school age to adulthood. Fellowship activities range from Bible studies, to football tournaments, from praise and worship nights, to cooking competitions. It is a friendly place to be part of the body of the Christ. Contact us for more information.

We also have a number of other Chinese speaking fellowship groups that meet regularly, typically on Friday evenings. Click here to learn more about our Chinese speaking fellowships »

Sunday School & Small Groups

English Ministry (EM) Sunday School’s goal is to make Christ Disciples. In order to be good disciples, you need to know who you are trying to emulate. We look to equip our congregation with knowledge about Christ and His Word, with the encouragement to go out of our church to share it with others. EM Sunday School meets after EM worship service from about 11:30 to 12:45.

The EM small group ministry’s hope is to find everyone a place to worship with like-minded individuals. It’s a way to be more plugged into our church, learning, living, and growing together in a smaller group setting. Much of Sunday school takes place within this small group structure, as well as other activities unique to each small group.

Contact Brian Kung for more information.


Children’s Ministries and Youth Worship

Here at SVPG we have a handful of kids who just love to sing and play. We are also accompanied by a number of passionate and caring leaders who are just fantastic with kids!

Find out more on our Children and Youth page, or contact Pastor Justun for more information.


Whether in our personal lives or in leadership, it is calling to praise our Lord, to edify the church, and to testify to the unbeliever. The goal of the worship ministry is to use our talents to glorify God in everything we do so that we can lead the congregation in meaningful worship. We also strive to equip the worship team members musically and spiritually. Through this, we hope that each and every one of our members grows in understanding of the spirit of worship and in musical ability.