October 11, 2021

Some federal laws apply to the terms that may be contained in a pre-marital agreement. The Retraitment Equity Act (REA) of 1984, signed by President Ronald Reagan on August 23, 1984, caused confusion as to whether ERISA anticipates the state`s divorce laws, thereby preventing retirement plans from complying with court injunctions that gave a spouse a portion of the worker`s pension in a divorce order. [48] A marriage contract may include waiver statements in which either spouse agrees to release all claims against the other`s retirement pension arising out of the marriage, both under state and federal laws, such as in the REA. This local addendum to the framework service agreement for the request partners (“addendum”) only takes effect within the framework of the contract concluded between Fyber and Demand Partner, (i) to the extent that the parties expressly agree on its applicability in the relevant service contract or (ii) where Demand Partner has its registered office in the Federal Republic of Germany, as set out in point 11.8.1 of the SSM. In both cases, the provisions of this amendment replace and replace all conflicting provisions of the remaining agreement, with the exception of the conflicting terms agreed individually between the parties in the applicable service contract and which prevail over the terms of such addition. The service can be continuously updated and developed over time. Fyber may provide the Service without notice, but only with effect for the future (i.e. do not modify retroactively) and provided that the modification is reasonable for the partner on request, taking into account its interests. A modification is appropriate for the requesting partner when it is necessary to adapt the services to changing circumstances with regard to technological developments, market requirements and changes in the legislation in force, and in the event of new functionalities, functions or services added to the services.

Accordingly, the right of the on-demand partner to use the Services under this Agreement is limited to the current version of the Services. If a change to a service is not acceptable to Demand Partner, Demand Partner has the right to terminate the contract in respect of that service with immediate effect upon notice. Demand Partner has no further claims against Fyber due to changes to the Services and Services. 11.10. The parties acknowledge that Demand Partner pays Fyber royalties in accordance with the terms of the agreement in return for the purchase of advertising space inventory by demand partners on the publishers` mobile applications and websites. . . .