October 12, 2021

However, the process of authorizing work hazards could take time in the event of a disagreement between the principal and the teachers. The steps are set out in a memo of 12 cards and require at least 55% of union members to vote for it. If union members and administrators cannot reach an agreement, they can ask their superintendent and the representative of the school`s district union to help find a solution. Can we assign a bridging class to a teacher if it is not the usual practice of the school? How does the UFT-DOE agreement of 25.09.20 relate to the Principles instructional Principles and Programming Guidance and the Blended Learning Class-Size Agreement? A letter from Tottenville HS says students can come to school — but they would learn on tv, in the classroom, actually under supervision. The same is true in other schools, even though the mayor didn`t seem to know it when asked last week. Excuse me, I will call you in June. That`s enough. I`m really happy for my colleagues who might now be able to work remotely and make their families safer, but I`m also angry because the recent UFT deal marginalizes anyone who is single and healthy. .

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