October 13, 2021

A used car sold by a dealer must have a fitness voucher of less than one month. However, a private seller can sell a vehicle without a warrant, as long as the car is clearly identified at the sale “as it is, where it is” (this is not an option for a dealer). When selling a car, a dealer must also present a written sales contract and a copy of the CIN you signed. Do not sign an agreement until you understand all the clauses. If you opt for the purchase of an extended warranty or breakdown insurance, the merchant must give you: at each private sale, you can agree on the terms between you and the other party. As a seller, you can advertise your car with a poster in the window with the inscription “Sold as seen, no guarantee given or implied” and accept the money of the first person who wishes to buy. The agreement would be oral and legally binding. If you sell a used car, motorcycle or other vehicle through private sales, it is important that you agree the terms of sale and purchase with the buyer in writing. The documentation of the agreement and the condition of the used car prevents the buyer from later claiming that you have deceived him about the condition and that you are getting his money back. Before you accept the purchase of a car, make sure you understand the vehicle purchase agreement and the car dealership`s advanced warranty offer – or create your own contract with a private seller. This is due to the fact that you are covered by the Consumer Warranty Act (CGA) when you buy a car from a dealer. This means that the vehicle must be of acceptable quality and last a reasonable time.

Be sure to read the sales contract or offer carefully. If something doesn`t add up or makes no sense, ask the dealer to explain it to you. If you have any doubts, don`t sign anything. Ask for a copy of the takeaway offer and seek independent advice. If you`re buying from a dealership, you`ll need to disclose all security interests for financial arrears (you don`t have this protection if you`re buying privately – you should use a vehicle history inspection service like CarJam to find out if it`s debt-free). You can also add photos of the car taken at the time of purchase. In particular, make sure that the car has been reimmenified (which normally means that it has been depreciated after an accident) or that it has been imported as a damaged vehicle. Vehicle purchase contract with a private seller [DOCX, 18 KB] The dealer must tell you if the costs of the road are not included in the sale price. It shouldn`t surprise you after the purchase.

If you are the buyer, then a car purchase agreement gives you the certainty that you know what you are buying. We think a breakdown insurance isn`t worth the cost….