October 14, 2021

Based on an organization`s rating, a salary range is used. This range of remuneration reflects the level of skills and competencies required for the job. The salaries that apply to a given role are listed in the current company agreement. Since there are more than 1800 employers in the Victorian public sector, there is no document containing information on every remuneration, salary bracket or employment benefit. These therefore vary according to the organisation of the public sector and the company agreement that covers their employees. As an example, the Victorian Public Service Enterprise Agreement 2020 (mentioned above) includes a Class 1 to 7 structure as well as detailed descriptors of each. You can read them in Appendix C of the agreement. Victorian Public Service Enterprise Agreement 2020 (PDF, 6.33 MB) Before the vote, take the time to review the proposed agreement. The community and public sector union and the government have come together on a package of measures to reward you for the important work you do, while ensuring that public services can be delivered in a more responsive manner. As widely reported at the time of the vote on the VPS agreement, employees will receive salary increases of just over 8% over the four-year period of the agreement, as well as related increases in compensation, with the first increases payable as of March 20, 2020. As of today, the new Victorian Public Service Enterprise Agreement 2020 (VPS Agreement) is operational, with a nominal expiry date of 20 March 2024.

It will cover most non-executive VPS employees and replace the existing terms of employment contained in the Victorian Public Service Enterprise Agreement 2016 (2016 Agreement). Although the specific benefits vary depending on the organization of the public sector in which you work and the respective company agreements, you can generally expect certain benefits. See staff benefits. However, there are various agreements that apply to a large part of the Victorian public sector. One of them is the Victorian Public Service Enterprise Agreement 2020. It contains information on grades, steps and other general conditions of employment for the services and agencies concerned. [3] Toby Tucker vs. State of Victoria [2020] FWC 3159 (trial decision). In the medium term: probation control procedures need to be updated, internal misconduct and performance procedures as well as salary changes need to be updated.

The Victorian Public Service Enterprise Agreement 2020 was formally approved by the Fair Work Commission on 2 October 2020 and put into operation on 9 October 2020. . . .