October 15, 2021

This is our agreement, and we swear before God and the land of our birth not to betray it in the grave. In the end, Pio del Pilar would betray Bonifacio and return to Emilio Aguinaldo with several men who had turned against El Presidente. To prove his loyalty, he would even testify against the Supremo at his trial and then insist that his death sentence be carried out. Pio del Pilar eventually redeemed himself by fighting savagely against the Americans and became the hero of the Battle of Guadalupe. Del Pilar, as well as Ricarte, would also be victims of Aguinaldo`s shifting loyalty. When El Presidente switched sides in the United States, these generals were hunted down and captured and sent into a difficult and lonely exile. Thirdly, any unfaithful person is punished on the spot, after his desserts. Unknown to Bonifacio, the two groups will eventually get closer to him.