August 15, 2021

Standing Firm

Sermon Outline:

1. Asaph does not forsake his faith.
2. Asaph keeps silent.
3. Asaph comes before God.

Asaph’s Convictions:
1. God’s Divine Presence
2. God’s Divine Protection
3. God’s Divine Piloting

1. Do we possess such faith as Asaph’s?
2. Do we know in our hearts that God is infinitely near and is ready to take our hands in our desperate hours?
3. Do we believe that God is always the same through all the changing years?
4. Are we sure that though friends, wealth and health may disappoint, God never disappoints?
5. Are we fully persuaded that nothing we put into God’s hand can ever be lost?

Bible Reference: Psalm 73:1-5, 17-19, 23-28

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