August 28, 2020

Reviewed by Karin N.

After a couple years of receiving Tim Keller’s – The Meaning of Marriage book as a bridal party gift, I finally finished reading it! It was a good and thought-provoking book. It’s a book for those who are married, almost married, thinking about marriage, or those who are far from it! As someone who didn’t necessarily place marriage/finding someone as a super high life priority, reading through this book revealed to me that being too happy or content with being single may not always be what God wants all the time too as clearly marriage is biblical and God’s idea. The book goes into what the biblical views of marriage or singlehood are and talks about the healthy view of gender roles. Most importantly it talks about the need for covenantal relationship vs a consumeristic one.

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Marriage or relationships in general isn’t easy so learning about others’ struggles and how they are working through them is always helpful! Still lots to learn but this book was interesting and helpful to me and I’m sure you’ll also find some useful points too if you also give this book a read! Happy reading =)


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