August 12, 2020

Reviewed by E. Lee

“The Road Back To You” provides a Christian perspective of 9 personality types using something called the ‘Enneagram’, which is Greek for ‘9-sided-shape’. Personality is not our identity; rather it is how we have learned to express ourselves and survive in this world. If you choose to read this book, don’t skip the introduction section, and don’t just skip to the type that you think you are! That’s what I did the first time, and I’m glad I went back to read the whole book. The Christian perspective from the authors is key here because they emphasize that each personality type reflects an aspect of God, has its main sin tendency, and is a valuable gift to the world. The has online info about the enneagram is just not the same. The book is written with simple, easy English and with such enriching content that I enjoyed reading it slowly. There are helpful summaries, concrete examples, and suggestions for growth in each chapter. The best audience for this book is one who is curious and honest. I identified with a few parts of a few personality types, and a single type resonated the most with me. Learning more about my personality type has given be more information on what habits of mine hurt myself and others unintentionally, and has given me specific things to think about so that I can grow and be less controlled from my sin tendencies. The title of the book has various meanings: Learning more about oneself and a road back to your true self, learning about one’s harmful tendencies and seeing the freedom provided by God and a road back to God, and learning about the needs and motivation of other personalities and the road to understanding people around us.


Tags: Christian Living / Spiritual Growth (LIV or DEV), e lee, ian morgan cron, suzanne stabile


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