July 12, 2021

Reviewed by Ian C.

Faithful leaders by Rico Tice is a refreshing take on Christian leadership.  While most books take a very practical approach to leadership and give steps and tips to run successful programs, Tice uses his book as a firm but important reminder of the key things all Christian leaders must focus on.  He subtitles his book “and the things that matter most” highlighting areas that Christian leaders must prioritize.  First, he emphasizes the need for leaders to have an excellent handle on God’s word and correct interpretation.  Next, he talks about the importance of character in Christian leaders.  Focusing on areas of repentance, sin and kindness as key examples of areas that make an impactful difference in leaders.  The last major areas Tice focus on are the areas of leading ourselves (the idea of self direction) and what it means to sacrificially serve instead of being self serving.  In all his writing Tice gives biblical examples as well as practical ones on why all these points are critically important – shining the light on his own life experiences as a testimony.

This book is not a handbook to faithful leadership but rather an excellent reminder how easily a leader can be focused on the wrong things.  Tice is punchy with his words, direct and supports all his points in a way that had me reflecting on my own leadership experience and what I may have been focusing on at the time – whether right or wrong.  Tice does not specifically outline a step by step on how to incorporate his main points into your life but rather shines a light onto gaps a leader would not normally pay attention to.  By not providing specific steps, it allows leaders to do what leaders are already good at – problem solving.  It left me thinking and motivated to find ways to incorporate these things into their own faith walk so it could bless my ministry.  I would recommend this book to anyone who serves.


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