July 31, 2021

Reviewed by S. Wu

‘To Hell With The Hustle’ by Jefferson Bethke is a thought-provoking book that counters today’s Hustling culture and offers us instead to follow the more life-giving way of Jesus who values rest and relationships more goals and achievements. I recommend this book to anyone who is feeling overworked and exhausted which I think is all of us at some point in our lives. Bethke references the Bible throughout the book which combined with his own lived experiences helps the reader relate and apply the Biblical teachings to their own life. This book could be especially helpful for students who may be feeling the constant pressure to achieve feeling what they are doing is ‘not enough’. This book offers encouragement and reassurance that everything they are already doing is enough and that their identity and worth is not measured by their achievements. In a world that pressures us to do more, Bethke reminds us that God wants us to rest more, to slow down and spend time with Him. I recommend this book to church leaders or anyone who is serving in any capacity in the church who may feel pressured to do more for the church ministries, often short-staffed and sometimes find themselves on the verge of burnt out. This book is a reminder that our spiritual health and relationship with God and with others should not be compromised when doing God’s work. I have read Bethke’s books before and am used to his straight to the point style of writing but for some, his books may come across a bit harsh but if you are looking for a book to help you reflect and are ready to feel a bit convicted, this is a really helpful book to process your thoughts and to learn more about yourself and about God’s word.


Tags: Christian Living / Spiritual Growth (LIV or DEV), jefferson bethke, s wu


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