December 23, 2021

Church closure for worship service/ events in inclement weather or emergencies:

If our church would need to cancel the in-person services or other events due to inclement weather, we will make an announcement by two hours before the service/event time and notify congregants through the fellowship/small group network and the church website.

If in-person service is cancelled, the services will be livestreamed online (livestream page or YouTube).

Please continue to use your best discretion regarding safety in whether to attend an in-person church event or service in cases of inclement weather.



因大雪,惡劣天氣或突發事件如爆水管或停電等,教會崇拜或其他活動可能更改或取消 。

教會會在活動兩小時前使用團契或小組網絡通知各人。大家亦可登入教會網站查詢 。