January 6, 2022
To adjust to the current pandemic progression, the Cantonese worship service will be online only for the month of January.
The English worship service will continue to be in person (as the weather permits) and online.
If the in-person service is cancelled due to inclement weather, an announcement will be made by the Friday before service and we will notify congregants through the fellowship/small group network and the church website and social media. If in-person service is cancelled, the service will be livestreamed online.
Livestream link: http://www.svpgmbc.org/live
· 中文崇拜於1月份改為網上直播,崇拜時間為早上11:20
· 英語崇拜實體現場崇拜及網上同步直播,崇拜時間為早上9:20
直播網址: http://www.svpgmbc.org/live