April 18, 2021

Jesus’ Words of Truth Amidst Devastation

Sermon Outline:

1) Jesus’ words for the future: Do not be led astray, and do not be terrified

2) Persecution: An opportunity for distinct witness

“Faithfulness does not consist in forecasting the future and determining preemptive responses. Rather, disciples are commanded to trust that God will give them grace to complete service in his name and that he will speak through them in their deepest need.” —James R. Edwards

“if we believe in Christ—then let us rest in the comfortable thought that Christ has pledged His word that we shall never perish. We may lose much by serving Christ—but we shall never lose our eternal souls.” —J. C. Ryle


Resources for Grief, Mental Health, and Support:

1. CAMH resource (see pages 17 onwards for supporting children and youth as they grieve)

2. Foundry BC for free counselling for young people (includes in-person/virtual appointments)

– Phone for support: 1-800-784-2433
– Website: https://foundrybc.ca/get-support/

3. Kids Help Phone for free counselling for young people

– 1-800-668-6868
– Website: https://kidshelpphone.ca/




Bible Reference: Luke 21:5-19

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