“Joseph” & “Jesus Loves Me” by Little Grasshopper Books 

August 28, 2021

Reviewed by Carmen N. These books are very similar to the other books by the author/publisher. The books to a good job summarizing key points of the story/topic. The colorful drawings and durable board pages make it suitable for toddlers.    Tags: carmen n, Children / Youth (KID or YOU), little grasshopper books   *Disclaimer: Individual reviews […]

The Tiny Truths Illustrated Bible by Joanna Rivard & Tim Penner

July 28, 2021

Reviewed by Stephanie K. Tiny Truths has great illustration to keep children engaged and age appropriate. The stories point to Jesus, remind us who God is and that God is the hero of the story. This book is appropriate for 4 years +. This book goes through most of the major bible stories.   Tags: […]

Good, Good Father by Chris Tomlin & Pat Barrett

July 26, 2021

Reviewed by Emily D. This book is a cute story about a bear who journeys to ask the King to help his friends. He wants to know what gift to bring to the King. Along the way, he meets many animals who teach him about different characteristics of God. In the end, he realizes that […]

The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross by Carl Laferton

July 24, 2021

Reviewed by Emily D. This book shares the basic truths of the gospel message in a easy to understand way for kids. This is a beautifully illustrated book that kids will love to look at. It is a nice short read which is helpful for kids who can’t sit still for long!   Tags: carl […]

God Gave Us Christmas by Lisa Tawn Bergren, ill. David Hohn

July 12, 2021

Reviewed by Stephanie K. This book is great in that it acknowledges that Santa is often a part of Christmas but Jesus and God is the most important part of Christmas. This book shares about who Jesus is and the attributes of God. God is everywhere and he can be found in our world.   […]

You Are Special by Max Lucado

July 12, 2021

Reviewed by Stephanie K. The book is about remembering to find God everyday for him to tell you who you are and how much God cares about you. What God thinks about you is more important than what people think about you. I love this book because I struggle with wanting [to] look good in […]

Indescribable for Little Ones by Louie Giglio

July 12, 2021

Reviewed by Carmen N. Great interactive book for kids with pull flaps and spinning wheels to learn about God’s creations. Pull tabs have additional information and questions that are suitable for older kids as well.   Tags:  carmen n, Children / Youth (KID or YOU), louie giglio   *Disclaimer: Individual reviews are the reviewer’s own […]

The Big Picture Story Bible by David R. Helm

August 31, 2020

Reviewed by Emily D. The Big Picture Storybook Bible tells the whole story of the Bible putting the focus on God and his plan and promise to rescue man from their sin problem. It is beautifully illustrated and uses relatively simple language. It is great for young children and their parents to read together for […]

The Story of Jesus by Fiona Boon

August 31, 2020

Reviewed by Emily D. This book is a simple overview of the life and death of Jesus. It is available as a board book which is resistant to getting pages torn and slobbered on. The story rhymes and is quite catchy. The pictures are cute. It is great for young toddlers and kids.   Tags: […]

God, Jesus, The Gospel (Three Books) by Devon Provencher

August 30, 2020

Reviewed by N. Kung My dad thinks that the books are clean and informative, but lacked a certain fun factor. They could use a bit more of a storybook feel although their illustrations are excellent. Overall they are clear and concise with the most important information.   Tags: Children / Youth (KID or YOU), devon provencher, […]




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