Thank you for participating in the Christmas 2021 song video!

Here are instructions on what you guys need to do, please contact Joe Tan if you have any questions!

The song video we’re doing is King of Kings (with the chorus from O Come All Ye Faithful), for the Christmas service on December 19. We’re just asking people to record the last few choruses, so hopefully it should be pretty easy for everyone to participate πŸ™‚

3 steps:

1: Setup a phone or camera to record yourself or group singing
2: Play the linked guide track video on a TV, computer, or laptop
3: Start recording and sing along to this guide video

Guide track:

The guide video is aslo available on this private YouTube link, if that is more convenient for playback:

The guide track has lyrics in it for you to follow, but additional resources (lyrics, sheet music) are available in this Dropbox link, under the King of Kings folder:

The guide track is a stripped down version and just the last few choruses of the song. The plan is to play this song video during Christmas service, with the worship team leading the first parts of the song (which are not in this guide). Then the rest of the church congregation will come in for the last few choruses (which are the parts you would record).

You can make the video recording by yourself, with your spouse / significant other, with other church members, or with other members of your family. It is ok if your recorded video catches some of the guide track, so don’t worry about using headphones or any special setup, as long as faces and voices are captured, then it will be ok.

And feel free to record your video with Christmas attire or other festive decorations πŸ™‚

Once done, please upload your video here by Dec 12: