GOAL: To encourage brothers and sisters to grow in their faith and relationship with God by reading good Christian books!

TIME FRAME: July 1, 2021 – August 31, 2021

CHALLENGE: Read at least one Christian book — and as many as you can — by August 31! Books can be from your personal library or the church library. Join us and earn participation prizes — and each book you read equals one entry into the Grand Prize drawing!

HOW TO JOIN: Please fill out this 2021 Summer Reading Challenge entry form for each book you finish reading and snap a photo of the book! You can send the photo to us via email at or post it on your Facebook or Instagram feed and tag us @svpgmbc #SVPGReadingChallenge in your post. Feel free to get creative!

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PARTICIPATION PRIZE: All participants who submit the entry form will receive a $5 Starbucks gift card! You must fill out all required fields and submit a photo of your book!

UPGRADED PARTICIPATION PRIZE: Write a book review (space provided in the last question in the entry form) and receive a $10 Starbucks gift card instead of a regular participation prize!

*ONE participation prize per person (either $5 OR $10 gift card)


PARTICIPATION PRIZE: All participants who submit the entry form will receive a $5 Starbucks gift card! You must fill out all required fields and submit a photo of your book! One participation prize per child.

(Sorry, upgraded participation prize for adults only! 🙂


Each book you read by August 31 qualifies for a Grand Prize draw entry! So the more books you read, the greater the chances of winning the Grand Prize! There will be one Grand Prize draw per category. Grand Prize drawings will be drawn after the conclusion of the Summer Reading Challenge.

Adults (Ages 14+) Category — A Chapters Indigo gift card ($75 value) OR a Legends Haul gift card ($75 value)

Kids/Youth (Ages 0-13) Category — A set of Christian books ($60 value) at the winner’s reading level.


Submit an entry by July 31 and you will be entered into the Early Bird Prize draw! There will be one Early Bird Prize draw per category. Early Bird Prize drawing will be drawn on August 1!

Adults (Ages 14+) CategoryESV Illuminated Scripture Journals Gospel Set OR NET Abide Bible Journals Set (Gospels & Acts)

Kids/Youth (Ages 0-13) Category — A one-year magazine subscription to Clubhouse Jr. (ages 3-7), Clubhouse (ages 8-12), or Brio (teen girls) OR an item of your choice from the Action Bible Series


I’m not sure what book to read. Any suggestions?
We will be posting some recommended reading lists throughout the course of the Summer Reading Challenge, but here’s some places to start:

Where can I buy books besides and Chapters Indigo?

I’m already in the middle of a book. Can I use it towards a Reading Challenge entry?
Yes! As long as you finish reading the book between July 1 and August 31, we will accept your entry.

Do books of the Bible count for this Reading Challenge?
We’re happy to encourage you in reading the Word, so if you are choosing to read through a book of the Bible, we suggest that you also read a book that is written to help you in your Bible study and use that book towards your entry. If you need book recommendations, email us at and we may be able to suggest titles that could go along well with your Bible reading.

Do audiobooks count?

How do I participate if I’m reading books to my child?
For each book you and your child read together, you can fill out the entry form with your name and select “Kids/Youth Category.” Each family can submit one entry per unique book title towards the Grand Prize draw.

If I’m reading an ebook (as opposed to a physical book), how do I submit the photo?
You can take a screenshot of the cover page and send it to us or post it to your Facebook or Instagram feed and tag @svpgmbc #SVPGReadingChallenge in your post.  Or if you’re using an e-ink reader, take a pic of the cover page displayed on it!

I have another question that’s not answered on this page.
Send an email to and we will get back to you.